Standalone Novellas

This Christmas novella is full of steam and heart just in time to heat up your holiday season!

Rochelle “Rocky” Thomas hadn’t planned on going home this Christmas, but a last minute guilt trip from her older sister, Jasmia, leads to her walking into her childhood home and coming face to face with the woman who has haunted her dreams (and her fantasies) for the past ten years, Georgia Lee.

Rocky hadn’t meant to crush hard on her sister’s former best friend, but the heart wants what it wants, and it longs to have this Christmas wish fulfilled. Will Rocky find the courage to ask for what she really wants, or will this Christmas go by without the gift she really desires?

Toccara is done with love.

Months of lack-luster dates with men who can’t be bothered to read her profile have left her feeling less than optimistic about finding love. To make matters worse, her ex-husband’s new family has made her an offer she can’t refuse: to put their daughter into one of the best private preschools in Atlanta and foot the entire hefty bill. Combine that with her family’s insistence on pushing every eligible bachelor they know her way and you have a powder keg waiting to blow. Toccara is over it all…until she meets HIM.

James is hard, hot, and fascinatingly charming. Combine that with his winning smile and ability to listen and Toccara is hard pressed to figure out why she should say no…until morning comes and they realize they are connected by more than just lust.

But this could all blow up in both of their faces leaving more than just them reeling from the after effects.

This is a hot contemporary romance featuring a single mama learning to take a chance and the sexy man who wants to give her EVERYTHING she deserves.

When Yvonne Cummins agreed to go to her ten-year high school reunion, she had assumed the worst; watery punch, fake laughter, and reliving just how unpopular she had been. She certainly never expected Blaine Rockwell to come waltzing back into her life with his perfect face, perfect body, and disarmingly sweet smile. Yvonne had spent the past ten years trying to forget the boy who had broken her heart, but all it took was one look from him for her to realize just how futile her attempt had been.

Blaine Rockwell hadn’t been much to look at ten years ago, but he was coming back with a vengeance. He knew he looked good, and he planned to put his transformation to use by snagging the one woman that got away, Yvonne Cummins. Her icy demeanor was confusing, but he knew there had to be some trace of the sweet young girl she had been so many years ago. Yvonne had grown up well and he wanted nothing more than to be the first and last man to ever hear ‘I do’ uttered from her lips.

What should be one night of passion follows them from the reunion back to Atlanta, the city they both now call home leaving Yvonne to decide if she’s willing to take another shot at finding forever with the one boy, turned man, she had never forgotten from her past.

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